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Next group Summer 2024

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Is this you?
  • You’ve been trying to research information on how to eat with diabetes and are just getting a bunch of weight loss and food restriction messages.

  • You’re absolutely over being told to diet to manage diabetes.

  • You want to take the next step toward balancing your blood sugar without dieting or restriction.


If so, this upcoming group might be a great fit for you!



  • Mondays at 4:30 pm Pacific Time.

  • Starts March 25th, 2024



  • Led by Erin Phillips, MPH, RD, CDCES, a diabetes educator and eating disorder dietitian

  • For adults with type 2 diabetes anywhere in the world

  • Maximum of 8 participants


How Long:

  • The group will meet for 6 weeks.

  • Each session is 80 minutes long to provide time for education (see outline below) as well as time to process together


Where: Online via secure video meeting platform

What: Each week will have a specific topic: 

Week 1: F***!!!! I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes?!

We’ll process what this means together and bust myths about what you might have heard or been told.

Week 2: What is type 2 diabetes, REALLY?

A deep dive into diabetes, including what’s going on in the body and what to do with that knowledge.

Week 3: How to care for yourself with diabetes

What do I need to do and which parts of what I’ve been told I need to do are actually bullshit?

Week 4: Food, glorious food!

Diabetes can make food feel stressful instead of glorious, though 😔 This week we’ll process this and offer practical tools for nutrition and diabetes.

Week 5: Blood sugar, CGMs, hypoglycemia, oh my!!

Find out how to make sense of glucose numbers and what is helpful/unhelpful about checking glucose.

Week 6: Medications

Learn about options, how to manage side effects and get guidance on having a conversation about medications with your medical team.

How much: $50 per session. Reduced fee spots available - reach out to Erin at for more information. 

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By joining, you'll also receive an extensive 60-page workbook PACKED with information, journaling prompts and activities to do together and on your own. 
workbook image_edited.png
Here's what group participants have had to say: 
"I loved that this group was welcoming, supportive, educational, and encouraging. My biggest takeaway was that I didn’t cause my diabetes. It isn’t my fault. Erin helped me see that diabetes is manageable in a way that is flexible and allows me to care for my body in the way it needs. If you are on the fence about joining-do it!!! You won’t regret it!"

- Kelli L
"This group was exactly what I was looking for! Erin is an excellent teacher and empathic partner in learning how to care for your T2D diagnosis within HAES principles. I had been struggling with shame and the weight of societal messages about diabetes. Within the group I learned so much and felt incredibly supported. I am much more confident now!"

- Sara S.
"It's so nice to be a part of a community that really gets it. I found myself nodding along to basically everything."

- Group Member
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