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Why this podcast?

When it comes to diabetes, there are LOTS of podcasts. But we've noticed that very few of these podcasts:

  • Feature type 2 diabetes without talking about intentional weight loss and restriction

  • Talk about body liberation

  • Share stories of people with diabetes living peaceful and joyful lives

We are starting this podcast to change this! 

Our Philosophy:

There's no magical *One Right Way* to manage diabetes, and there are a lot of different experiences when it comes to living with diabetes (surprise! we are human and show up in lots of different ways!). We are not here to prescribe or push a particular strategy. We want to highlight how sooo many different strategies are valid and valuable and how absolutely beautiful that is. 


We value body autonomy. What you do with your body is entirely up to you. And thank goodness -- we couldn't live with that kind of responsibility if what you did was up to us! This means that If you decide to diet or pursue intentional weight loss, we're not mad at you and we never want to shame you for your own choices.


Our aim is to show that there are many ways to approach diabetes that do not center weight loss that can support happy and healthy humans. That being said,  there are already a lot of diet-y diabetes podcasts already -- if that is something you're looking for, we aren't your gals.

Our Values

  • Body Autonomy - individuals have the right to control what does and does not happen to their bodies.

  • Body Liberation - freedom from social and political systems of oppression that designate certain bodies as more worthy, healthy, and desirable than others (thanks to Lindley Ashline for this excellent definition!) 

  • Body Trust - is something you were born with: an inherent trust in your body to take care of you and communicate with you about your needs, wants, and desires.  

  • Food - we love food, we don't yuck anyone's yum. 

About Us

We are two dietitians who specialize in diabetes care:

  • Kelly Six, MS, RDN, who really likes working in diabetes care because we get to have one foot in the nerdy side of diabetes and the other foot in the emotional side of living in the world with diabetes.

  • Erin Phillips, MPH, RD, CDCES, who really agrees with Kelly and couldn't have said it better herself. 

  • We both love cats, snacks, and laughing too loud in Seattle coffee shops.


Want to be on the pod?

We are always looking for more people with diabetes to interview on the pod! If you're interested, apply here

Note that we don't feature restrictive eating and intentional weight loss efforts as a way to manage diabetes. 

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