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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never worked with a dietitian before. What do appointments look like? 

In your first appointment, we will discuss your past and present relationship with food, body, and movement. If applicable, we'll also discuss your diabetes management and what you might want to be different. My hope is that you leave this session with some ideas for where we'll be headed together. 

In subsequent appointments, we'll check in on how you're feeling about your relationship with food, body, movement, and diabetes and work together to find actionable steps you can take to move in the direction of your goals. 

The work we do is usually slow-moving since it's addressing many areas of life and is meant to carry forward no matter what life brings. 

Do you offer virtual (telehealth) appointments? 

Yes! Currently all appointments are virtual. I hope to resume in-person appointments in early 2024, but will continue offer virtual appointments indefinitely. 

Will you tell me what to eat?

Yes and no. We will work together to figure out what works for you based on your current health, how in touch with your own hunger/fullness cues you are, etc. Rarely does this mean that I give someone a set meal plan to follow, but can help you find foods that will feel nourishing and support your body. 

Can I work with you if I don't have diabetes?

While my specialty is diabetes, I can certainly work with people who do not have a diabetes diagnosis. Feel free to reach out to see if we'd be a good fit. If we decide together that I might not be the best dietitian for you, I can help you find someone else who might be a better fit.

What if I have an eating disorder and diabetes?

Then you've come to the right place! I have expertise both as an eating disorder dietitian and a diabetes specialist, so I work with you on caring for your body while you manage both conditions and work towards healing. 

Can you help me lose weight to feel better and more comfortable in my body? 

It is really understandable that, given our society's anti-fat bias, that you want to lose weight to feel better in your body. However, I do not focus on or support intentional weight loss.

My focus is working with people on healing their relationship with food and body through a variety of therapeutic and food-related modalities, but intentional weight loss or weight suppression is not one of them. It is common for humans I work with to have the desire to make their body smaller present while we are working together, and I do support them in exploring the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that come up through that process (plus the variety of reasons that desire is present), but I do not participate in nor encourage weight loss goals. 

I saw you mention Health at Every Size. What does that mean?

Health at Every Size is a paradigm shift in the way we view health, focusing on health behaviors rather than weight (since weight is not a behavior, nor something we can control). See the Association for Size Diversity and Health for more information. 

Do you take my insurance?

Check the insurance page to see which insurance companies I am credentialed with. Since each plan can vary for coverage, it is the client's responsibility to be aware of coverage for our sessions. 

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