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Free Resources

Do you need help learning about your newly diagnosed diabetes? 

Below are a few free resources created just for you by a credentialed diabetes educator. ​I hope they are helpful as you navigate diabetes with lots of compassion, and without rigidity, blame or shame!

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Glucose Riot Podcast

Glucose Riot features stories about people living joyful and peaceful lives with diabetes without restrictive eating. Hosted by two dietitians and diabetes educators, Erin Phillips, MPH, RD, CDCES and Kelly Six, MS, RDN, CDCES. 

Our philosophy is that there's no magical *One Right Way* to manage diabetes, and there are a lot of different experiences when it comes to living with diabetes (surprise! we are human and show up in lots of different ways!). We are not here to prescribe or push a particular strategy. We want to highlight how sooo many different strategies are valid and valuable and how absolutely beautiful that is. 

Listen to the episodes below, or find us anywhere you get your podcasts

Looking for community?


Join our {free} Fat Positive and Intuitive Eating Diabetes Facebook Community! 

Featuring a monthly Live Q&A by Erin, a weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size® diabetes dietitian. 

It's a place for questions, support, as well as celebration. 

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