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Friendly Reminder: Your A1c is not a measure of your worth.

Updated: Feb 5

Got questions about Hemoglobin A1c? Check out this updated blog post with answers to common questions about A1c.

Just like our weight doesn’t indicate how worthy we are of love, belonging, or joy, neither does our A1c. ⁣⁣


Usually, all it means is that we are still alive. So, congratulations! Because as we get older, our insulin resistance increases, especially if we have diabetes in our family (raising my hand here!). ⁣⁣


So, that moment when your A1c jumped from prediabetes to diabetes and you freaked out and started questioning everything? STOP! Remember your self-compassion. Besides, freaking out about it isn’t going to help (because we know how stress affects blood sugar!). ⁣⁣


Remember that you still need to nourish yourself. You don’t need to go keto or start intermittent fasting. Nourish yourself well. Remember your self-compassion. ⁣⁣


Remember you are lovable and acceptable now, later, and always. It’s just. a. number. ⁣⁣


So. What DOES it tell you? It could actually be some really practical helpful information! Maybe you need another medication? Or perhaps a different medication because you really don’t like the one you’re on so you take it a little less often than prescribed? Or perhaps it means it’s time to evaluate your self-care. Like going to bed on time or taking time to grocery shop on Sunday (ugh, my least favorite chore). ⁣⁣


And again, remember that you are lovable and acceptable now, later, and always. 💛



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