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Diabetes: It's not just math.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

You gear up to do everything right.⁠

You've planned for your exercise.⁠

You've planned for your food.⁠

You have your carb counting app*, your insulin dosing app*, you've taken your medication.⁠

You say "this is going to be the day that I CONQUER diabetes."⁠

It. Can. Still. Go. Haywire.⁠

Even when we are following all the "rules," diabetes is way more complex than calculating ratios and doing algebra. WAY more.⁠

⁠When you're doing everything you can, and you still have hard days, it can be really easy to start feeling defeated. Know that this is normal. Having hard diabetes days is expected. Feeling overwhelmed is normal.⁠

Here are non-math things that can impact diabetes:⁠




*The weather (I'm not kidding)⁠



*Pump malfunctions⁠

*How we feel about our diabetes⁠

*How we feel about ourselves⁠

*Other autoimmune and health conditions⁠

*Ghosts, probably? Who could say...⁠

And then on top of that, when you've accounted for everything, sometimes it still doesn't go according to plan.⁠

And that's OK! Recognizing that you don't have control over everything is huge.⁠

**if carb counting and insulin dosing are a part of your diabetes care plan! Consult your diabetes care team if you're unsure. ⁠

PLEASE NOTE: my posts are for education purposes only and are not a replacement for individualized medical or nutritional care.



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